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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
no I said that because I truly NEVER mix business with pleasure.

getting a girlfriend or wife is not worth loosing a paying client to me. I'd rather keep them as a paying client rather than gain them as a partner and loose that money.

I've had offers made for me to go on a date with a client before and I've turned down all of them.

besides my parents I currently have a policy to NEVER work for friends or family as well. so if I did start dating a client she would then be on her own to get her lawn serviced.

just my opinion tho. I respect his but am putting mine out there, that's all.
She probably wouldn't date you very long after hearing you wouldn't cut her yard when dating.

She offered to pay but I refused to accept it. I guess I was brought up in life with better morals.
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