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I'm leaning towarsd the dodge never had one and everyone that has a old 12v loves them. I have had a duramax for 85k nearabout problem free miles, moreless only major problem was front hubs. The 01 250 by 80k i spent over 6k in. And my other 2wd f350 when i traded it in at 40k the whole front end was shot. How are the dodge drivetrain in say like a 94 bodystyle mostly the frontends and auto trans? I know they are straght axles but so was my 01 f250 it still needed hubs and stuff steering stuff. I'm not dead set against a pstroke but with under 10k (like to keep it around 5 but willing to go up to 10)to spent i fell like what i'm going to find is probally going to be wore out or outragous priced
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