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If you were able to gain a full days work quickly it could be very profitable. but that most likely wont happen. We find on average it takes about a season to get 5+ house with in 3 blocks. 1st you get your foot in the community with 1 account. Then we start our ad campaign. We focus on name or product recognition. Add that with some face or truck time in the community. A dash of quality work and BAM a efficient route. but, the issue is, you have work and you don't have the time to focus on a unprofitable start of a new route.

Most focus on mowing but it is really about $. Ever considered just maintaining the hedges/weeds. Maybe bi-weekly or even monthly. This way you don't have to spend much time on a new route. keep it cheap but profitable.
You do don't need to devote your rig to it also. Send your guys out for the day once or twice a month.
A truck with hedge trimmer, rake, some bags and blower. That is all you really need. With all the mow & go's out and about. How many do detail work ??? You & the mow n' go can have the same account! Opps did I just give away a secret.
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