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Originally Posted by cutbetterthanyou View Post
I have no clue it is confusing to me. The weight in me door jam is 9200 so i can put 16800 behind it.Right or wrong? I don't understand
To me this is a grey area. I'm sure it's against manufacturer recommendations but it's not listed on the door jamb either. Here is the other thing that I understand. A fully loaded 14-16k trailer will put 1400-1600lbs of tongue weight on the hitch following the 10% guideline. Is your hitch even capable of that? Will you be over your trucks GAWR with the trailer hooked and the bed full? I finally upped to a dually just to have more wiggle room in the GVWR and GAWR and have a truck that's actually rated to tow 14,100lbs. I also upgraded the hitch from the 2" 800lb tongue 8000lb weight carrying one to a 2 1/2" 2000lb tongue 18,000lb weight carrying one. This thing is an animal compared to the stock hitch. I may be a safety nerd but a 14k bumper pull is no joke of a trailer, especially fully loaded. I admit my trailer is not always loaded to that but when it was I'm glad I had the truck for it.
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