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I'm solo. I would not want to do what I do for $12 a hour.

$12 a hour x 40 = $480 gross. Single people where I live can't afford to pay rent, 1500 regular cab pick up loan, insurance, utilities, food, clothing, tv, internet, basic dental and medical care.

There are a lot skilled trade blue collar jobs that for the same level of hard work will pay a lot more then $12 a hour.

Yet as employer's many LCO's can't realize that those better paying jobs are going to be everyone looking for a job their first choice.

Those that get turned down for those jobs were not the cream of the crop. They still need work and are forced to take whatever the best they can get.

LCO's are hiring from the bottom of the barrel. Some times there is gem in there. Most times not.

Then Landscape jobs are seasonal so one is laid off through the winter.

Growing up a lot of construction workers got laid off for 3 months every year.
They kept going back to work in the spring for 2 reasons.

In those 9 months they made enough money to cover those 3 months they were laid off. After 20 years they would have a union pension.

All these LCO's dumb founded as to why they can't get good help.
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