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Originally Posted by andyslawncare View Post
Looking for answers today, after my pops (business partner) met with one of our at risk commercial properties.

One of our HOA's changed presidents recently. I didn't have the new president's phone number for another 2 months--and now it matters). Our service is being questioned due to this.
I have found home owners usually have the time to chat. Business owners on the other hand have no need to chat. Chatting with the guy mowing the lawn is not going to make his business money. HOA boards are the same as business owners. Everything going smooth. Keep board meeting short. Their back home fast.

The key is "they are questioning you". Questioning you about what. How are you suppose to know when board meetings and elections are taking place?

The answer is you are not. The board knows this. If the board felt that you needing to know that the president was changed was that important then the board and or president should of informed you. What is really happening here is that the new president wants a way to bounce you out and put in his guy.
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