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Originally Posted by ddmcintosh1 View Post
Thank you, Harold, for the info. One more question....once you canceled your QX subscription, is it still on your computer so that you can access it if you want, or were you unable to get into it? I'm curious because not everything comes over to QB. For example, I have contract customers that have mowing, pruning, cleanups, etc all under a monthly billing installment for the year. I can see each specific date work was performed in QX but when I print invoices from QB it only shows the Monthly installment. I do not want to lose all of the specifics in QX. Does that make sense? I appreciate anything you can tell me.
What I know is SA asked me a lot of questions about how we ran, organized and sold stuff. Extracting from QX and installing in SA is kind of like mail merge. You identify what field from name goes to new field name.

SA is a different can of worms, and you will need to set it up in advance to make the move. There are mistakes and frustrations. It will not be like using QX with a different name and more features. Vocabulary is different. There is pain.

However flawed it is at this time, it still advanced the cause for me this year. The new version and planned upgrades to that should really rock.

Call SA now, rather than ask too much more here, because it will be worth it.
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