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I have a JCB backhoe. I am not very brand conscious and I shop the the best deal from the best dealer. But I have always been surprised at how little the various brands seem to care about customer retention, and how poor their quality control is. It is not like a piece of excavating equipment is as complex as a car or pickup, and for the most part the layout and systems do not change for a long time. But they can't seem to get it right, and they don't seem capable of making improvements over a model run. On the whole, My JCB has been pretty good, but there have still been a number of issues, and they absolutely refuse to take ownership of them. Its frustrating. Maybe the reason I change brands so often is that they make no effort to retain me as a customer. Cat was the worst. The message that came across to me was "we are the best, this is the machine and this is the price. If you don't buy it someone else will."
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