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I buy used stuff all the time. Let somebody else take the hit on value, and swing in afterwards and buy something for a much better price. Just make an informed decision and if you're not mechanically inclined, do some homework and take a buddy with you who knows something about the machine. I started up in 2011 and of course had ZERO work. I was able to obtain about 10 or 12 accounts and did fairly good doing it part time. I bought two used Scags. I got a 52" Wildcat and a 36" belt drive WB. neither have given me an ounce of trouble except for reg maintenance and a dead battery. Scoure C-List and find a GOOD used commercial machine. It's much easier to pay yourself back $3000 than it to pay a dealership $10,000. It'll also help you get some cash flow when you need it most, which is when you're starting out. I'm actually ready to sell my Wildcat. Nothing was wrong with it but I found a used Turf Tiger with a 61" deck. ll of my accounts are 1.5+ acres so a bigger machine makes sense. My Wildcat's available for $2800 if you're interested in it. I'm not far from Philly. PM me if you're interested or have any Scag specific questions I can answer.
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