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Originally Posted by nnusskern View Post
I think i might get echo's 20inch since i have been using all echo products. I think echo and stihl are pretty equal but my stihl dealer f$#$ed me over on a repair and have since not been using him. And i know what you mean about the leaves on most my jobs as soon as i finish more leaves have fell.
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Gotcha ya I would hate to go back there too. One thing I thought was weird when I bought it is I bought the 6pack of stihl oil for extended warranty like I've done with all my other stihl products. Well I realized when I got home that the oil mix they put in the trimmer to fire it up for first time wasn't even stihl oil! I just thought that it was messed up that I have to run stihl oil in order for warranty when the dealer didn't even put it in it for the first tank of gas
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