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Cracked PEB

Another why me on Friday job. Knowing that this valve has a likely chance of doing this, I ran my finger nail around the seat, and didn't feel a split. So I rebuilt the valve complete (everything except the body). During a follow up check today, I see that it's still seeping. Pretty sure what the problem is so I get ready to replace it, luckily I still had the new body from the rebuild. I was thinking the worst since I knew it was in copper. My plan was to spin it off and maybe try a compression coupling on the downstream side to keep from getting the torch out. Surprise, someone else had the same idea when they put the valve in. So spin it off, tape the threads spin it back pressurize and check for leaks - good to go. The valve I put back is the newer PEB so I hope Rain Bird has made them stronger in that area.
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