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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
A test takes like 2 minutes and repair on a new device usually involves nothing more than cleaning the pipe glue or other debris out of it, maybe another 2 minutes depending on the valve type. Why would anyone who has gone through all the trouble to get a BPAT cert lie to save themselves 5 minutes? Seems pointless to me.

I only got my BPAT so I could test for myself. I don't install much (unless it's a replacement) but what I do install I test to save time and money, not to game the system. Hell, I don't even charge the customer extra for the test, I just do it because it should be done.
Tx and i are of the minority i guess.

I guess there has never been a rigged election, Bill Clinton never inhaled, we don't need building inspections, justice is truely blind and there is no need for backflow prevention.

Anytime a human being is placed in a position where they can write their own ticket, a portion will speed just because they can get away with it. If someone else writes the ticket, they will drive slower.

I believe that having a third party test removes any doubts.

Since i am of the minority i will stfu.
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