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Originally Posted by PapaD View Post
I would appreciate it if someone could confirm what seems like a change in DuPont's CRA's. Originally, I thought that they were paying to replace trees that were rated 4 & 5. However, it now appears that they could be paying to also replace trees rated 3.

If that is correct, it would have a major impact on the CRA that they offer to us. We have 33 trees rated either 4 or 5 and another 73 trees rated 3.

Does anyone know if DuPont is doing all CRA's to include replacement of trees rated 3?
#$%!, I was hoping that this was a straight forward decision. Sorry to hear you have seen such devastation on your property. Possibly Dupont tried to "low-ball" your offer due to the huge amount of trees being affected... hoping you would bite on a "substantial" but not full offer. Just a thought...

The only offer I saw offered maintenance for 1 & 2's and replacement for 4 & 5's, there were no 3 rated trees. The maintenance offer was weak and totally unacceptable knowing things could get worse over time. One might accept if the replacement offer was substantial and the owner was willing to roll the dice on the lower rated trees.

Something tells me that by going the attorney route, the long process will be dragged out even further and I would end up with a smaller settlement in the end due to the large cut an attorney would require. It still might come to that in my case.
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