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Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
Dump the snowplowing,your customers will understand that your not plowing anymore,just don't say you got a job.
This might be the answer. If I say I got another job they will think I will be leaving the normal landscaping maintenance at some point. I know Krazy cajun I hate working for the man they make you work harder for less and you get the blame from the people higher up. I have already seen 10 more wanna be landscapers after this Hurricane Sandy. I could always date a slam pig and have her help with my business but I am not like most guys. I will make sure that if I get the job I will put 90% of my income into my business. I am going to build a business savings that will last me a year or two if things go wrong. I will then put part of the money also into buying a second mower and truck. I will tell my customers that I will not be snow plowing this season for personal reason's I guess. Hopefully they will realize how much better I am versus the other guy.

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