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We have the same ads here but it called the farm worker advocacy project. It is basically a referral service. They go out to nurseries and job site and ask things like does your employer deduct for uniforms You have to have a signature each year not just one from 3 years ago ( one landscaper had to pay 60000.00 in a settlement case over a signature for uniform deductions). Overtime which you cannot prove if they clocked out and even left the property they can say they were at work for 1/2 an hour each day and you never paid them unless you have cameras that prove different.

By the way we have cameras and keep copies for 3 years to avoid this problem. it is a long list of lawsuit possibilities. they refer the workers to a lawyer they lawyer sues the employer. the lawyer after collection donates a portion to the farm worker advocacy project. completely legal but it just doesn't make sense to me.
When I was younger and I was treated fairly I stayed where I worked if I felt I was being treated unfairly I first spoke to my boss if I couldn't work it out I left and got a different job.
And yes there are jobs out there. I offered my old boss when I was 19, try me for a week if I am not worth the money don't pay me the week is free to you. But if you like my performance Pay me for the week, hire me and promote me when you see me adding value to your business. I always succeed where I worked and was always promoted. If anyone can help make a company more efficient and more profitable why would you fire that person? That is what makes small business grow and succeed.

I still do that today some clients ask me will this kill my weeds? Of course Ill tell you what don't pay me until you see improvement in your lawn if you think I did a good job pay me. If you think my work isn't worth the money call me and tell me and its free. Within 30 days 99.9% of the time I get paid.

This is a service industry you only grow as good as you are

Have great night everyone
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