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Nothing is better then new. However buying used is a gamble. When buying something used it has to look well cared for, light use, and a price to good to let pass.

As a lot of people I do residential snow with snow blowers. I reached the point where I was getting more work then I could do with one blower.

One of my customers had a 28" Sears bought new in 2003. They used it for the first few years and she worked for Sears so she got the maintenance serviced for free. It sat for many years after in her shed until I started doing her driveway in 2010. The husband and wife were not that old but they were not able phyiscally use the blower any more.

I saw how clean, lightly used, and new looking the blower looked. For the Price of $150 I jumped on it. All I had to do was take off the carb bowl, mixture screw, spray out the carb. Changed the oil and it was good to go. Used it two seasons no problems.

My other 1996 Troy Bilt blower was bought new. Only have changed the oil and replaced the blade and the shoes on the side of the housing.
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