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I say pay the extra couple grand for a T770 with 2 speed if price isn't an issue

We have a T770 loaded with pilot controls and 2 speed and a T750 without the 2 speed. I use it all the time and its awesome for plowing. Also pick up cubes of keystone, 5k pound boulders, chilton pallets, pavers etc without issue on both machines. The T770 just does it faster.

I would say give Case a shot too but I hated the TV380 I demoed. Cab doesn't seem as well thought out as the Cat or Bobcat and I really like my roller suspension in our Bobcats. Like you said the 289C with torsion suspension felt light out back and I just wasn't impressed. Standard bucket is awful unless you like to grade and never carry any type of material.

Enjoy loading dump trucks with the T770 too. Super quick cycling and I have no issues with reach even with guys cheater boards. Full buckets of sand all the way up and machine never feels tippy.

Closing in on 700 hrs and got the machine June of 2011.

This is coming from someone that used to be all about the Power Tan. Now its more whatever performs best and Korean Orange and White are winning from what I can see.
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