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i bought a lesco this fall for pretty close to that price. From what i have seen they are pretty similar machines. I usually would just rent an aerator to do my regular customers but this fall i bought my own. It was defiantly worth the money. It has paid for its self five times over so far and still get calls on it. My best advice is just let the machine go at its own pace. You are not going to push it any faster then it wants to go. Also try doing your regular customers on the weekend if they are ok with it. I did this and very rarely do i do a yard on the weekend without having a neighbor or two come over and ask me to do theirs as well. Out of all of the equipment i have bought (which I've only been doing this for a couple years now) this is the most profitable machine i have bought yet. I paid it off in the first weekend using it. Just my two cents.
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