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uggggggggggggggggg.... this thread makes my blood boil. I used to be very loyal to Stihl until they did the same song and dance to us. My issues were with a KM-110, the shaft went bad where the tool plugs in, then when we bought a brand new one (shaft), one side of the end of the shaft broke after the first day. They would not cover it even though it was pretty obvious it was the cast. Then we had a leak on a brand new KM unit from the fuel tank, guess what? they wouldn't cover that either. I also had an issue with a brand new handheld unit that had the fan go bad and sounded like it was a 20 year old blower, they blamed it on us saying it was dirty gas and that there was dirt in the fan, I said BS that that and the gas can were kept on the TOP of the truck in the rack, I have not had any issues with any of the other equipment from "dirty fuel" I also filtered the fuel and it was clean. Nothing but an excuse on their part.

I have had it with them and will be buying equipment from another company. while I do like Stihl equipment, I feel they will not stand behind there stuff anymore and are making sub-par equipment.

anyway sorry that you all are having issues too, very frustraiting to see a good company go bad.
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