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Originally Posted by Scarlawnturf View Post
Saw this thread and thought I would add comments on my recent experience with Tenacity. Since closing my application business several years ago, I found myself using Tenacity on my own lawn after not keeping up with it this year and was overrun with nutsedge, clover, violets, etc. I was prepared to buy some Q4 but my old supplier at John Deere Lanscapes suggested Tenacity as a more economical alternative. I believe I paid around $50 for the 8 ounce bottle and used it to treat my 2 acres. It literally smoked everthing I wanted to get rid of and also had a dramatic effect on several patches of bermuda grass, which caught me off guard. I don't know if it killed it or not as its done for the season anyhow. However, after 3 weeks, the bleaching effect on my lawn did not make me happy. I then made a planned application of Sol-u-cal and two weeks later, with good rain, my lawn looked better than ever. So, happy with the final result, but not sure that I would have ever used it on customers lawns because it makes the lawn look like crap for weeks. Don't know if it would have turned around on it's own without the Sol-u-cal.
I am glad you have success with Tenacity but you are on Cool Season Turf. St Augustine is labeled for half the Rate of AI as Cool Season Turf. Because St Augustine is susceptible to so many herbicides, it is a PITA to control weeds.

BTW At the lower St Augustine rate, my own Bermuda lawn showed no stress after being sprayed with Tenacity.


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