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SA- is it worth the cost?

Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
That is more than the pricing on their website states. Are you including a website too?
There are a number of factors in SA pricing, such as features, number of users, etc. It's not all about saving money. It's about driving sales, and they have features that let you market, sell and up sell. We sold work this year site unseen and in minutes. Call comes in for lawn fert. We do a phone interview with the lead. Measure online. Do the estimate in SA. Email esti. Gets accepted online. Activate lead and set up service. Email customer portal info and let them prepay online. The payment is automatically in the system and the money in your bank account.

We have had a ton of people use the online payment this year. Way more than when they could pay through quick books online.

Even if you are a solo operator and don't service many people or do too many things, this application will give you a quality of life and be worth it.
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