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Your attorney is not doing his/her job if they don't receive a better settlement and terms that address any future considerations then what Dupont is offering and if that settlement doesn't include the attorney's fees. I had an independent arborist evaluate my property in 2012 and Dupont sent out their team of Davey Tree and Stericycle in August 2012 and documented further damage and decline. Sent that all off to Dupont, included photos of decline through the months along with the arborist eval and recommendations and they just ignored it, I have a 2 rating on a large spruce that is not going to recover but yet Dupont feels it just needs some maintenance---trees don't grow limbs from the middle! Dupont has an avenue to address trees suffering from further decline BUT it's at their discretion and who knows how longer that will take. I am moving into season three with dead and damaged trees.
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