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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Or ....

You sub out the BF test, the BF fails sometime later, systems gets contaminated because of irrigation system was installed poorly, you still get sued because you not only subbed out the BF test, but you also get sued for the work that caused the BF incident.

Moral of this story is ...... if someone wants to sue you they will, regardless if a good reason or not exists. If you are afraid of getting sued, then you shouldn't be doing work that opens yourself up to legal action (i.e. working with potable water supplies).

Oh, and the only time I think you should sub it out is when the unit is initially installed. That said, just because you subbed it out doesn't mean you aren't still on the hook if something goes wrong.
All we do is new installs, and repair our systems. We hire a third party to test our new installations. If a customer calls for a yearly inspection and the valve is out of warranty I go and test it. This is because the conflict of interest is over, if it tests bad the customer has to pay me to install a new one. The conflict of interest in testing a newly installed valve is that I will loose money by failing a valve, which I then have to dig up and replace for free.

Maybe a part of this is regional, because cutting out an above ground BF is very easy. Cutting out a DCVA that is 12" deep and plumbed in with pvc, is a whole different story. Instead of a 30 min replacement your talking 2 hours, and a huge hole. All of a sudden that valve on the edge of passing looks pretty good.
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