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You make solid points. In my case I was late to the game, not realizing it was Imprelis that was causing my problems. I didn't file a claim until mid August of this year. My landscape was not looked at by Davey/Stericycle until September 6th of 2012 so I do feel most of the damage was showing at the time they arrived. I understand that you folks who were visited last year would have seen increased damage in 2012. The two large white pines and one Scots pine (all 30' to 35') they rated as a 3 have gotten worse since last year. I need to see replacement cost for those or I wouldn't even consider any settlement.

I am also most concerned about a large 12" - 5' high very expensive laceleaf Japanese maple and my dogwood that was measured at 20" and 11' high. The Davey "arborist" rated both with a 1 which I disagree with. The dogwood's fate, for sure, is questionable at best. I suspect I'll have a better idea this spring.

This is why I was trying to find out if those "3" rated pines will be offered replacement value or maintenance. In all, I have 20 different items on the tree detail listing that Davey/Stericycle saw some Imprelis damage. Aborvitae, yew, Colorado spruce, barberry and the aforementioned trees were affected.

I just want to get the worst removed and replaced and my yard back and all this mess behind me. Replacement of the larger trees, and the other compensation I have seen would probably work in my case based on their location and setting on my property. I just hate to wait and stare at a mess only to be offered and turn down a measly maintenance program and minimal compensation then wait to go through the incredibly long court process against a giant like Dupont.
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