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Originally Posted by herler View Post
For some folks it seems to come natural but when it comes to women I don't see the math in it either...
And maybe one day, but at my age I doubt it.

Life is about trades, and no matter how I look at it that stanky thang costs way more than what I am willing to pay or give.
In my case, I trade loneliness for the benefits of sanity.
Because when that B* flips the switch, it's over.
I mean I'll throw her out the door, and I mean throw.
It just ain't worth it to me, or in not those words, I don't see the math in it.
Maybe you're not a good chooser....had experience with craziness and watched lots of friends go through he## multiple times and try and make it take was that they were not choosing the sane ones...also, my friends didn't make things easy either
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