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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Now I'll tell you something else...

18 horses doesn't do twice the work of 10 horses, not even close.
It doesn't even do 80 percent more work.

That's because you need THREE times the HP to put out DOUBLE the work.
A blower would have to sport a 30hp engine to put out double the load a 10hp blower delivers.
At 18 horses you're probably getting about 40% or so more done.

Minus the power that machine spends on hydraulics, doing work that would likely do the operator's muscles some good.
A fat Lco ain't getting much of anything done either, a fatso's fastest waddle is hardly the speed of my trot because
the lard gets in the way more than the hydros can move.

Ain't worth 6 thousand dollars, folks.
lol you STILL have ALOT to learn little buddy, Why don't you put one of your cute little $1000 dollar units side by side a hurricane and take a look at the size difference of the blower housing its self, The hurricane's blower is 1/3 bigger if not LARGER then the small blowers, So althoe it might only have 8 more hp it pushes twice the air from the bigger housing/fan.

But whatever, what do i know right???
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