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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
I dissagree with Dvs about "always looking beautiful when new" I see so much crap and poor designing that it boggles my mind how these guys even pick up the job to start with. An extended warranty to anyone but a fool is not worth a damn. This company gives 5 yr warranties. It needs to be fixed now and its not done yet.
Andy you're getting a little carried away with analyzing what I write.

Naturally there's new jobs that look like crap. You, I, and all quality veteran contractors know that. It goes without saying.

When I say "all jobs always look beautiful when they're freshly completed", I'm speaking in general terms. Because its true.

Just like new employees always work wonderfully for the first two weeks.

Just like new boyfriends or girlfriends are always so nice and easy to get along with at the beginning.

Asphalt is only as good as what's underneath it. So - new asphalt jobs always look nice.

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