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Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
I have yet to hear from any scientist that has seen trees that were rated a 1 or 2 that fully recovered. As far as I and many others see it, if Imprelis damaged a tree, plant or shrub, DuPont 'owns' that plant, period. I expect full compensation for full replacement of any damaged plant, tree and shrub no matter the rating. I don't know if anything that was damaged will properly grow right in the future the way nature intended.
I really agree with both you and Treenut. I guess I/we have to determine how long and hard we should fight for the ultimate package. Once I bring in an attorney, I'm going to have to kick in at least 40% of any final compensation offer. I don't want to be caught at a point where I am forced into a class action suit and be forced to accept a $50.00 Bordines coupon while the attorneys clean up with millions. If I can come away with enough to clean up my yard and enough cash to use as an insurance against any other trees that croak or become too unsightly in the future and settle in a reasonable time frame, I'm inclined to go that route.

The one Dupont offer I did see, appeared to be reasonable. I know in that particular case the homeowner countered the offer about six weeks ago, trying to get the removal cost paid directly to them. As of the last time I checked, he had not gotten a response from Dupont.
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