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You don't, lol.

It depends on the layout of the pool. On many pools, there's a walkway and/or patio around the whole pool. In that case it's pretty easy to keep clippings out. However, I have one account where for about half of the distance around the pool there's nothing but a coping a few inches wide. The only way I can keep trimmings out of the pool when trimming/edging that area is to have someone on the other side of the pool blasting a large backpack blower at me full throttle while I trim...not very practical. So what I usually do it just throttle my trimmer back as much as possible, make sure to go clockwise and grab the skimmer when I'm done and try to scoop most of the clippings outs before they spread out across the whole pool. I also try to mow as close as I can with my mower to have as little to trim as possible. I always bag the area immediately surrounding a pool.

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