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I have the 314 hurricane. It is a beast and it is a hundred times better than a walk behind blower. It also saves operator fatigue because it's a ride on. There is no way a guy could walk back and forth as fast as they could ride on a machine. If you are a one man show and you only have a certain number of cleanups to do and you will get it done either way than maybe its not for you. For me, more productive machines mean more work and less labor. Therefore, spending the money on better equipment directly translates to more money in my pocket. I think if you talk to anyone that owns one or has run one they will tell you the same thing. I have never seen a bad review of the hurricane but they are still fairly new. It's kind of like using a stander vs. a push mower. They are both gonna get the job done but the stander is far more efficient and a lot more expensive.
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