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Originally Posted by acculawnsystems View Post
You set your own prices based on sq footage of the lawn. If you want to "low ball" you can or if you would like to set it up so that you give pricing where you will profit, you can do that as well. Your advertising is what drives new customers to your site where they can receive instant online quotes for the services you provide. We are working on our SEO and gaining momentum so that we can drive customers to your business. We have developed this method after 13 years in the lawn care industry as an LCO and have used this method for the last 3 years with much success. If you are going to invest in a site, I would recommend attaching an instant online quoting feature that will allow for customers to give instant online quotes right from your website. You are more than welcome to trial the system for 30 days with no obligation so you can see how it works. We also have a free Android, iPad and iPhone app that will allow for you to email customers instant quotes when they call and you are out in the field. Check it out at
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OK let get this straight. All You are offering a Math program that gives customers prices based on their property size that attaches to my Website???

Why would I want to pay you $ 20.00 a month for something I could post myself on my Website? It might not be as fancy, but it would work. In fact I could very easily make a chart. Of course then my competitors would also know my prices the same as your program.

The truth of the matter is I want PERSONAL CONTACT when I give a Price. In case you are not aware it is called salesmanship. Which is a factor you are leaving out of your sales pitch to us.

BTW I taught Materials Calculation at a Local State Community College

Formula Biddig is Sq Ft Price X Property size = Price, and is not Rocket Science???

I tried to promote cost plus bidding to my students rather than Formula Bidding. I always told my students they would Win ever bid including the ones they didn't get and lose money on. Formula Bidding doesn't account for degree of difficulty. You can't Mow a 45 Degree incline for the same price as a lot as Flat and Level as a Billiard table.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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