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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
You are right .... I don't understand the mentality of slapping it together with some rubber bands and duct tape and collecting your money as fast a you can before anything breaks.
Maybe you should take a look at some of the pics I put up. We earned our reputation that gets us invited to bid those jobs. Also, unlike you, there are people that read these boards that know me personally, and have seen my companies work first hand. They both refer all the install calls they get to me, because they know I will take care of them and the customer.

We also offer 5 year warranties, parts AND labor. Slapping together a system would put me out of business fast. If a dispute arises we also will give the home owner money to hire a third party to inspect our work. Tell me, do you know anyone else that will do that?

The IA show is in Austin in 2013, maybe you should stop by and take a look at our "duct tape" company.
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