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I would say it is about three times more powerful than my little wonder which I think has a 9hp Honda. By powerful I mean volume of air movement.

That other Brown video is better but I still think the Hurricane would move more leaves.

As far as the X3 vs. an 18hp BG I think the edge would go to the Hurricane. I wouldn't switch for power, I don't think the extra power would be worth the large expense.

No doubt easier to ride but only you can decide what value that has.

Two main reasons I bought the X3. Conserve energy when out working. I will and do spend money to save energy/time so not so tired end of day, next day, etc.

Second reason is front blowing so when mowing I can blow off long paths, etc. this to me puts the blower on the trailer on HOA and commercial mowing days, not just using it in fall. I also have street blowing to do which riding is ideal for.

Lastly, I wanted to invest in biz instead of sending money to Uncle Sam. I guess that is more than two!

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