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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
What is it with BB ?, the price is right.
It's probably been deleted, my experience was 3 years ago now.

The problem is all the constant little things. They go through idler arms, pulleys, bearings, belts, etc. It was something every week. We do run machines 5 to 6 days per week 6 to 700 hours per season, occasionally 800. Scag is what I've always run with no issues.

I decided to try a BB as an experiment due to price and Retrodog being such an awesome dealer. I had one of the first Outlaws which had the frame crack on both sides over the wheel motors. It sat at BB factory for a month, and came back with welds on it that looked like the kids at the local FFA fixed. That was enough for me.

Granted Retrodog let me run his demo the whole time my mower was at the factory. He always went above and beyond as a dealer to resolve the frequent issues I had. Now that he carries Grasshopper I will be taking a close look at them next year.
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