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Originally Posted by Dirtman2007 View Post
haha volvo is a big sponsor on this new season if you cant tell. Im sure they dont want any other machines show that arnt volvo. If you notice they really dont mention the dozers are cat. they just say get the D9 or D10.

If you catch it in some of the clips you can see all the old equipment in the background. but they dont show the brand names on it haha.

for example that brand new Doosan loader that dakota fred got last season is parked off on the sidelines while he brings in another volvo wheel loader. so now they have 3 loaders and one wore ass hitachi excavator with 20K hrs
you'd think fred would get a new ex to go with all his nice loaders, but that prob wouldn't add to the drama, and as for the Klondike boys, the 100 oz they found last season and were so happy with was soo little, on another show ( on nat geo) the guys with older stuff were getting a 100 a week and barely breaking even.
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