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Customer Service and Relationship with Customers

I completely agree that customer service and establishing a relationship is very important. Once you get the contract you will still need to contact the client to get to know them better and see if there are any other needs that they have. Also, you need to let them know that they are on your route and give them specifics such as dates they will be serviced. You will still need to perform your services with the highest quality in mind. You will still need to answer a customers questions in an intelligent and timely fashion.

After 16 years in business as an LCO, we know what it takes to keep the customer happy. We simply use this method so that we can grow our business to serve more customers while keeping customer service as a top priority. This method does not eliminate the need to provide your service to the best of your ability and does not eliminate the fact that you need to do everything possible to make the customer happy and establish a strong relationship. You will have their contact information after they sign up, so I encourage you to contact the customer and make them aware that you are wanting to provide exceptional customer service.

Our findings after using this system for the past 3 seasons, is that the customer appreciates the instant on-line quoting feature that our system provides. They appreciate the convenience of receiving a quote in a timely fashion so that they can make a decision at their convenience. We also provide a iPad, iPhone, and Android App so that the LCO can email quotes to their potential customers when they call. The customer no longer has to wait for you to get back to them and it shows that you are willing to accommodate their needs by having the information that they are requesting when they are requesting it.
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