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Originally Posted by ddmcintosh1 View Post
I use QB for customer payments but it's through Intuit Payment Network. My invoices have a link on them with the customers unique number, they go to the link, make their payment and it only costs me $.50 per transaction. If I wanted to accept credit card payments it would be a flat 3.25% per transaction. I don't think you need to use their merchant account anymore. I could be wrong but it would be worth checking into.
I do like the IPN and I ask clients to use it instead of the CC. People want thier rewards. If the card is keyed in with AVS the rate is around 3% but jumps to 3.95% without the AVS.

I have asked QB about the AVS and I wish they would turn off processing cards that do not match the billing address but they don't / won't. I have also never had a charge reversed and most of my clients pay over and over so I am not sure how they justify the higher rates. I think it just greed and thieft frankly.

Why in the heck does someone like ATT get a lower rate just because someone self swipes a card versus someone that keys in the info with an address?

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