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Originally Posted by captken View Post
I have used Jungle Jims since the beginning.

They are durable, they have lasted 11 years so far, however, I had a problem with the trimmer racks beating up my trimmers.

"Jungle gear caddy or how to turn your 500 dollar trimmer into Scab Material."

This was the title to my post of this picture from 2005.
I had to modify mine by bending the hooks in towards the pole and taping the hooks fat that the trimmers ride on to the point of a tight cushioning fit when locked down, because the cheap plastic tips did not hold them tight [one size does not fit all]and they wore out. [that was the fix for me]
Until I did that, the trimmers would just rattle around every time you hit a bump in the road, wearing into the trimmer shaft and damaging wires, cables, etc.

It doesn't look to me they have changed the design in the 11 years that I have owned mine. Given the opportunity, had I known then what I know now, I would pass on them.
The picture is of a then an expensive 6 month old Shindaiwa. That being said, after I modified them with tape, and changed trimmer brands from Shindaiwa to Red Max and Stihl, I can say that no matter what brand trimmer you buy, this brand trimmer rack still sux out of the box.

I have 3 trimmer rack
2 blower pole The old style was good, the new style we lost a blower.
Water cooler holder, okay

My favorite, spool mate, holds trimmer line tight and secure and has a cutter bar to cut the line.

Jungle wheels, work good, 2nd pair in 11 years.
So, what your saying is they are good with a modification.

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