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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Every tester on the forum is likely to agree that purveyors performing their own tests is a conflict, why? If an individule can perform a test on his own work and be his own watchdog then can't we trust the government to do their own testing and be their own watchdog?
Kiril has addressed most of your rant, but one issue remains to be cleared up. The purveyors employ "Cross Connection Control Specialists", who dictate (right or wrong) how the water system should be protected. They may have tested once or twice when they got their cert, but they will admit they are not as experienced as the private sector is, plus not having replacement parts on-board, hence they sub it out, which we willingly accepted. Anyone who is not a certified BAT, has no clue how testing goes: for instance, how would you know the difference between a leaking ball valve and a leaking check? It takes years of experience to do a proper test, quickly and efficiently. Your rep is on the line, and if in it for the long haul, you pay attention. By the way, we made a ton of money testing!
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