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some pictures

Originally Posted by kawasaki guy View Post
So, what your saying is they are good with a modification.
LONG but hear my complaints. They present a valid argument to using these products over a period of time, ownership.

For me it works, I cannot remember what I paid for them just over 11 years ago. but they were not cheap!

I haven't shopped around for an alternative, since I already own these, but if I were looking to buy, I'd shop around.

The new style blower rack is of different design than the one I first bought.
The first one worked okay until I jack knifed my trailer backing up and totaled it.
I don't know for sure, because my guy said he properly secured the Red Max 8000 blower in the bottom holder, but I hit some hard bumps, where pavement was built up over the years resurfacing the street, around a drainage grating, a pretty good bump, lost the blower. I didn't know until some one told me at a stop light. I never found it.

We NEVER use the blower pole because of this episode. My guy might have been lying and said he properly secured it, but by looking at the design closely, you can see how easy it is to not remember to slap the pole hard to dislodge it as the bar that falls across the hook to secure the blower sticks in the upright position, once you remember to slap the pole so the bar falls, you still have to secure it by placing a lock or by other means into the locking hole.....Gravity is the only thing that holds this bar in place on top of the blower handle, if you do not use something.
It was a good excuse to buy a new blower and I was so impressed with it, that I went and bought a second one!
Husqvarna 580bts, very impressive! I might add.

Jungle Jims is junk.
This is only my opinion, there are probably others who will disagree.
Look at the diagram at:

I don't know about you, but to have to fool with a padlock and a locking hole every time you put a blower on and take it off is not what I want to do making many stops in a short period of time.

We safely secure our 2 new blowers in the bed of the truck. I will never again use this rack.

I have pictures of my modified cooler rack which also failed if you care to see them.

The only 2 things that they got right, in my opinion, is the spool mate and the jungle wheels.
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