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Originally Posted by SLMGT View Post
Kawasaki 31 hp engine with 1,140 hours blew this morning (60 inch Super Z). It sounded like I had run over something, then the mower shut down. Engine had a hole in it between the oil filter and the dip stick. Engine has always been serviced between 30 and 50 hours intervals with filter replaced at each change. Any ideas on what could have caused this early engine failure? Anyone ever have any luck getting price break from Kawasaki for early engine failure after expired warrenty (mower is five years old)?
I had a cylinder becoming weak on my Super Z (most would continued to run the engine) and I needed to spend some money before the end of the year. I bought a brand-new in the box Kohler 28 efi for $1210.00 delivered to my dealer. I had them install a new Kohler 28 efi engine, both hydraulic pumps, wheel motors, Michigan Suspension Seat, electric clutch, blade spindles, idler pulleys, belts, wiring, hoses, and they prepped, primed and painted all rusty areas, (there were very few). This mower runs better, and cuts and operates as good as my new 72" Super Z with the 35 hp Kawasaki engine, and it is a 2006, 66" Super Z. I have pictures of the new rebuild and shots of the XR-7 deck cut posted on LawnSite.

The fuel injected engines are far superior to any carburetored engine.
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