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Originally Posted by hustlermidwest View Post
I'll look deeper into it but I didn't think it's ready yet. Kawasaki has been having some issues with the release of that engine. We have an agreement with Kawasaki to use their engine when ever possible. We clearly know the demand for a EFI/DFI engine and when there is a quality one available I'm sure we will jump on it. I'll ask around next week to give you a more factual answer instead of my gut answer.

Brian O

Brian O
I find this somewhat strange, when talking with Bobcat I was told their company had done extensive testing on the FX1000V-DFI and in their findings it was so far advanced they made the decision not to even offer the FX1000V on their Predator Pro. They told me the engine was considerably more powerful feeling (felt like a wider margin than 2 hp due to responsiveness) than the carburetored model, and from their testing had seen fuel usage numbers down in the 1.25 gph range, and this is from closer to 2 gph on the non fuel injected engine.

The exact statement made to me was, "we felt like there was no reason to offer a carbed engine when the DFI was so advanced, and with the cost difference being very close the fuel savings would make up the small difference in price very quickly. We would fall behind in sells if not able to sell the Predator Pro with the DFI at a very competitive price."

I am going to be upset if Hustler brings the DFI into their line-up on the Super Z with me just buying a new one and preferring the DFI. I do not like carburetor type engines after owning and operating a fuel injected mower for 6 yrs. I much prefer the DFI with 2 extra hp and its great savings in fuel used.

When Bobcat speaks as strongly in favor of the FX1000V-DFI (and they have done their homework), it makes no sense as you stated; Kawasaki is having issues with the release of the engine. I think Hustler needs to get a little better handle on what is actually taking place concerning the pros and cons of this engine. These are very conflicting stories, one mower company (Bobcat) will not use the carburetor type Kawasaki, and Hustler does not seem to know what to think about the DFI model. I believe a conference needs to take place between Kawasaki and Hustler.
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