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TomG's Work Photos

Hi guys, I have a few other threads on here about various things but I thought I'd start a photo thread with pictures from work.

A little about me: I work for a family owned and operated hardscaping company. We specialize in Paver walkways, patios and driveways and retaining walls amongst other things in the hardscaping world. We also do some light excavation, grading and clearing work. Currently i am the head foreman and equipment operator for the company. I have been on equipment since I was 4 years old.

Also I have a YouTube channel and Facebook page that I post to regularly. I have video of time lapses of jobs, how to videos, equipment tricks and just regular videos from work. Links to both can be found in my signature.

Now for some pictures

A few photos of hardscaping projects

Our fleet of equipment and trucks.

A few project photos:

Cleared some trees and brush along 2 stone walls.

Clearing, grading and loaming over a leach field. Customer wanted everything cleared because the roots were growing into the leach field.


Anyone can run equipment, very few can operate.

Check out what I do.

The company I work for.

Follow me on Facebook.
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