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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
Second rule on lawn site some of us are honest and do not inflate numbers I happen to be one of them. Our first year we took in just under 70K we made closer to 80K but Nov and Dec money tends to arrive after Jan 1st. And after all that hard work what did my partner and I get to keep drum roll please 7k each.
I can relate. Last year we did 70k in business. After expenses and taking full depreciation on my truck purchase, I only took home 17k.

Now, this year, do to higher gross again, no real depretiatable purchases, I'll be taking home a lot more, and turn around and giving Uncle Sam and the stupid state gov't a large chunk of it.

It's probably going to change our tax status also to where we'll have to pay quarterly estimated taxes also. Bastards!

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