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Yes! I learned as you did how things can get out of control, What I had to do was stop taking on new customers for short periods of time so I could get what I had, taken care of and then reorganize and regroup, it does no good to have a bunch of customers that you can't service, sounds like your ready for a second crew, I have 40 accounts with a full time and a part time helper and sometimes we get backed up so I can't imagine 62 with only two guys, of course it all depends how they are laid out. I would recommend rethinking your business model, IE: We are setup as a year round full service lawncare and landscaping company, I have a network of subs for anything that we run into that we can't handle,IE bobcat work, tree work ,fertilization and weed control even though we are licensened it takes that much work off of us. I currently use QB Online for all our estimating and billing seems to work for now anyway. I don't believe in fixed pricing as every property is different, but I do have a min in place basically $200/month and try to price like properties as close as possible. As long as you know your cost this shouldn't be a problem. I found it much easier to price everybody on a monthly year round basis and I will only take on year round customers, no weekly, bi weekly just for a season crap to deal with, try it! It will make your life so much easier!
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