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Originally Posted by cutbetterthanyou View Post
Not agueing because im sure your probally right, but what other laws are you talking about? There has to be a legal way to do it with a 3/4 ton, if not how do guys pulling a 3 car hauler do it? I got a friend of mine that gets pulled over on average 2xs a week and checked by DOT that's pulling a 3 car wedge with a 2500 cummins on a normal liecence

That would be the trucks own limits. Rear end, tires, rims, etc.

Probably a fifth wheel. Most 3/4 tons are rated to tow around 14000 on a fifth wheel. But GCWR isnt listed on door jams so as long as your not over on your rear axle you get get away with towing more than the manufacturers spec.
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