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I think he's right though. In the eyes of the DOT it seems the numbers they care about are GVWR, GAWR, GCWR. Not anywhere does it say they are concerned with what Ford, Chevy, or Dodge print. Towing a fully loaded 14k dump with a ranger would get you bad attention and not to mention be grossly over your RGAWR, probably a violation. So again by following the ratings above the DOT has it well covered in terms of what you can do. Even some of the 3/4 ton trucks could be over their RGAWR with a fully loaded 14-16k dump. So again technically with a 9200 truck you could tow 16,800. But would the tongue of a fully loaded trailer like that be over your RGAWR? Now take my dually. I have a 4995lb payload rating. I need to weigh the truck first but lets say I have a usable 4000lbs of payload. I'm rated to 14,100 by Ford but I bet I could tow a 20k gooseneck (with CDL) and still be under my RGAWR but over Fords recommendation.

Not if you want to talk legalities of an accident. That's a different ball game.
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