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Originally Posted by TeamYardsale4 View Post
IMHO if you are looking at a $10k diesel its gonna be early 2000 or late 90's when comparing the dodgeVSford for those years Id have to say the ford has proven to have a very strong 7.3 motor and the tranny is bulletproof, Dodges back then only had a motor everything else on them was garbage! they have only become more superior in the last 5 years over ford. BUT i am also a bit biased so I would say hold out and find a duramax haha good luck!!
U R correct about the early 2000s late 90s is what i am looking at, but i wouldn't say that the 7.3s trannys are bulletproof mine when out with 80k on the truck and at the time the owner of the trans shop said "don't feel bad we do at least 2 a week and almost all of them have under 100k on them". Apparrently they have alot of parts built out of aluminum that shouldn't be. He said that once updated to steel parts along with a good converter they are one of the best trans ,but not from the factory. If dodge is worst maybe i should hold out for a duramax.
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