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Originally Posted by cutbetterthanyou View Post
U R correct about the early 2000s late 90s is what i am looking at, but i wouldn't say that the 7.3s trannys are bulletproof mine when out with 80k on the truck and at the time the owner of the trans shop said "don't feel bad we do at least 2 a week and almost all of them have under 100k on them". Apparrently they have alot of parts built out of aluminum that shouldn't be. He said that once updated to steel parts along with a good converter they are one of the best trans ,but not from the factory. If dodge is worst maybe i should hold out for a duramax.
Again it is just my thoughts, Im sure a dodge guy will come on here real soon and tell you the exact opposite haha, I have friends with early 2000 powerstrokes and they love them, decent power def not comparable to my duramax but my Dmax is also 7 yrs newer and every year they seem to add more HP and torque. all in all I would say go with you thoughts and how truck feels to you on test drive, mileage and price obv which is the main thing for most of us when buying a vehicle! I got real lucky that I found mine or I would never be able to afford a decent Dmax but I looked for just over a year before I found it.
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