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So far you guys have some greats ideas and I'm thankful for your input. Could y'all explain further about forms you may have made to get things more organized? For instance, a little while back I created a new customer packet, I staple them together and put them in a folder to carry with me in my truck. When I go to an estimate I bring one with me to the door. I greet the customer and as we discuss the property I can go through the packet with them. It has our company policies, our service schedule for the year, a form for them to fill out(address, phone,email) and a page with the maintenance agreement with a spot to fill in the price for them to sign. They get a copy and so do I. That way when I get back to the office I have all the info I need to set them up in the system and our policy is when they sign up we put them on the schedule the following week. That way is doesn't mess up the schedule for the remaining of the week. To get an idea of how other companies operate on a daily basis, do you guys care to share your procedures, forms you use to gather info and keep organized, basic order of operations?
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